Branded Social Media Posts | f'real foods

A collection of images created for f'real foods social media stream. All images unless noted otherwise were both illustrated, photographed and retouched by me.



To have some fun items for the f'real fans, it was decided to start partaking in Wallpaper Wednesdays. This was my favorite theme we used, grime art. The purpose of this theme was to use a style that emphasized the liquidness of the product but still showcase it in a fun way.






The challenge was to come up with an engaging story to highlight summer. Utilizing the artwork we had in our past photoshoots, I created a 3 part story to end with a poll, and of course a lot of responses from the fans.

Photo editing, to complete a look in the grid when a photoshoot is not possible at the moment.



This a small collection of other stories background and bumpers that were requested from the social media manager. 

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